Business Building and Corporate Finance for Start-Ups and Corporates

Business Building and Corporate Finance SERVICES for Start-Ups and Corporates



Business Building as a Service

We know how to build up businesses from scratch. Our clients – corporates and start-ups alike – know their next business, but don’t have 100% of the required skills and team on board to realize it completely by themselves. Having successful serial entrepreneurs in our team, we know what it takes. Our people at New Times X have experienced the whole business building value chain from beginning to end by themselves. We help you to set up your next venture successfully.

Strategy Development

Innovative business ideas often have loose ends and sometimes need a focus. As architects and construction managers we support originators and founders to build up a solid base for their venture. Together with you, we challenge strategies to create real business impact with above peer group results. Our strategy development approach is a highly customizable, proven and efficient project methodology, successfully tested in more than 3,000 projects.

Businesscase Support

Every business idea needs a solid financial case. We support you in setting up driver based bottom-up business scenarios. We challenge your assumptions and find the right analogies for your situation. We specify growth drivers as well as cost structures and advice you to choose the right format. Over time, we have probably seen more than 1,000 business cases and know what it takes to build up a clear version with comprehensive assumptions.

Operational Execution

The best strategies and calculations do not work, if you don’t have the right people on board to execute those plans. This is why we also operational support and partnerships for your venture, far beyond strategic advice. Either we take on an interim position by ourselves or scout within our network of people for appropriate candidates depending on the required skills. We can provide access to hands-on experts in many fields.

Technology Advisory

Most ventures in the digital space require the use of the right technology. We have experts on board that have built complex solutions by themselves and are extremely experienced in tendering processes as well as evaluating and comparing offers of technology providers. At New Times X we believe technology needs to serve the business need and not vice versa. We use technology to leverage innovative products and services.

Corporate Finance Services

Our Corporate Finance services are usually targeting founders and start-ups companies in the digital markets. Our partners have successfully carried out funding rounds and trade sales by themselves as well as actively taken care of more than 150 Corporate Finance projects as consultants. We work as a trusted advisor within an established network of private investors, financial institutions and corporate funds. We help you to finance your next venture successfully.

Capital Raise

Extraordinary growth requires capital. Your venture shows revenue traction on the market and your growth drivers are identified. But your earnings are still negative because you’re focusing on growth. With New Times X we support your A- and B-rounds of funding of up to USD 10M in financing need. If you already show “structural profitability” and are rather looking to raise more than USD 10M, then our partner Skillnet provides you with the right support.

Trade Sale

If you are a founder or shareholder and think it’s time to find a new home for your business, we support your exit towards a strategic partner. Your company shows substantial traction and can provide others with strategic upsides or complementary assets, then New Times X can support your trade sale. Corporates and Financial Institutions divesting from their portfolio, turn to our partner company Skillnet.

Short Reviews

You as a potential investor need a quick opinion on a young digital business opportunity. Our proven commercial short review methodology delivers results within short time. Our approach covers the fields of business model and strategy, market and competition, product and technology, management and organization, marketing and sales as well as evaluation of the financial planning and future upsides.

Buy Side

You have either discovered white spots in your product or service offering or seek inorganic growth.  You are looking to purchase rather young businesses. We make use of a proven radar methodology approach as well as of our network to identify, contact anonymously and check for interest with potential target companies. We check the sustainability of the business model and support the whole negotiation process.

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New Times X is fully owned by the operating management team and Skillnet, the world’s first international consultancy firm focusing on solely digital markets since 1995.

Our dedicated people at New Times X have experience out of more than 200 projects for approx. 80 clients – from leading multinational corporations to young start-up companies. Our value proposition is unique. We deliver results that pursue a very entrepreneurial, business-driven approach. All our partners have successfully founded own companies by themselves.

We focus on innovation, growth and business impact within the digital markets. That’s what we know and that’s where we can support you. If you want to build a business, need business case support, operational execution skills, technology advisory, A- or B rounds of funding, a trusted opinion on a start-up, want to sell your existing business or buy a young company, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at New Times X. We are looking forward to hearing from you and your idea.



Our prime services have been proven in both fields of our expertise

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New Times X successfully supported Unilever DACH in the set up of new business activities using lean start up methods.



New Times X advised the shareholders of ArvoMed, the company behind ClaraVital, in the fundraising process finalized with the investment of NKB, a subsidiary of NBank, togetehr with a Hamburg based family office


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